Record case completion: Less than 3 hours to facilitate a bridging loan for our client!


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Fluent were contacted by a returning customer from earlier this year in May, who was facing a significant financial challenge. The client was looking to purchase the property he was currently renting, but he found himself £50,000 short of the required funds. The property’s purchase price was £750,000.

The primary challenge in this case was the client’s imminent property purchase deadline and the £50,000 shortfall in his funds. Fluent’s objective was to swiftly bridge the financial gap, ensuring that the client could proceed with his property acquisition as planned.

Initially, the client had considered raising funds to purchase the property through contributions from friends and family, but he was unable to secure the required funds within the tight timeframe he had. The customer required the funds to make the purchase by Friday, September 29th, at 10:00am.

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The Solution

After careful consideration, we proposed a bridging loan tailored to the client’s specific needs. To secure the required funds within the short timeframe, we structured the loan against a Buy-to-Let (BTL) property. The loan was then facilitated on a second charge basis, where consent wasn’t required and an AVM (Automated Valuation Model) had already passed, ultimately, allowing us to streamline the process.     

The exit strategy for this bridging loan was planned as a BTL remortgage. The client’s existing fixed-rate mortgage deal had recently concluded, making him eligible for a remortgage in the future. With this strategy in place, the client would repay the bridging loan within the next three months, mitigating long-term financial risks.

Upon receiving the case, our team worked diligently to accommodate the needs of the customer. Our team leveraged its extensive knowledge of each lender’s unique lending appetite. Using our understanding of lending appetite amongst our lenders, we submitted the case to our trusted lending partner: Together, at 13:21pm on Wednesday 27th October. Together’s expedited processing and efficient evaluation of the case led to the funding of the loan at 15:40pm on the same day, allowing our client to make their property purchase.  

Below from the left: Chetan Hirani, Fluent’s Senior Bridging Adviser is pictured with Catherine Parmar, Fluent’s Bridging Case Manager, who both assisted the customer throughout the process.

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Chetan, who recently won the United Trust Bank Sales Adviser of the Year award, explained how his team delivered lightning fast results for their client. He said “This is a remarkable achievement – our team’s dedication and expertise shone through. When time really was of the essence, we successfully facilitated funds for the customer, in just over two hours, allowing him to make the purchase.

 There’s no doubt that we’ve set a new standard for efficiency and excellence. Kudos to our dedicated team and streamlined processes which ensured our client’s needs were met with speed and precision.”

He continued “As a trusted broker, our approach goes beyond simply connecting borrowers with lenders; we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the lending landscape. When it comes to finding the right lender for a specific case, our team leverages its extensive knowledge of each lender’s unique lending appetite. This allows us to carefully assess our clients’ financial circumstances and requirements, matching them with the lender most likely to offer favourable terms and approvals.”

The Outcome

Fluent’s rapid response and tailored bridging finance solution allowed the client to secure the necessary funds to complete his property purchase by the critical deadline of Friday, September 29th, at 10:00am. By leveraging a second charge BTL bridging loan with a well-planned exit strategy, Fluent enabled the client to overcome a significant financial hurdle and secure the property he had been renting.  

The success of this case highlights our commitment to delivering timely and effective financial solutions for our clients, ensuring they can pursue their property aspirations even in the most challenging of circumstances.

If you are considering a bridging loan for your client, get in touch with our broker team or call us on 01204 472030.