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Equity Release

Unlock the potential from your clients’ homes


Why lifetime mortgage referrals?

Equity release is the most common type of lifetime mortgage, and is an option that is becoming more and more popular. If this isn’t your area of expertise, you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your business. By referring a client to us, we’ll help them find the right loan and give you a generous commission as thanks if they pick a loan through us. If you have a client who is looking to give an early inheritance or enhance their retirement fund, this could be a viable option for them.

  • Earn generous commission
  • 5 star service for your clients
  • Grow your business with little work
  • Tax-free cash for your clients
  • No negative equity guarantee as standard


Is my client eligible?

To consider equity release, there are certain criteria your client needs to meet first. Your client must be:

  • Aged 55 up
  • Live in the UK
  • Own a property that is worth more than £70,000

How to go about a referral?

Opportunity: Your client asks you about (or you suggest they may benefit from considering) a mortgage

Referral chat: You say you don’t offer this type of advice, but you say you work in close partnership with Fluent Money who are mortgage experts. You ask them if you should get someone from their friendly team to give them a call for a no obligation chat.

Refer: If they say yes, simply make the referral here by giving us a few client details. Just let us know if you want us to deal directly with the client, or you want to chat to us first about their situation.

Track: Find out how the referral process is going anytime on our case tracking portal, Fluent View.

Commission: On case completion, receive a generous commission payment.

What benefits are there for my client?

  • Access to 5* customer service – our team are dedicated to finding the right loans
  • Market-leading smartphone app so your client can track their application 24/7
  • Regular application updates from our friendly team
  • Dedicated case manager to streamline the entire process
  • Flexible plans to suit your client’s needs

Product types

With equity release, there are two types of mortgages available, designed to be flexible for your client’s requirements. These are lump sum and drawdown mortgages.

Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage

  • Secured against your client’s property
  • No monthly payments
  • Lump sum of tax-free cash paid
  • Compound interest added until the loan term comes to an end
  • The loan plus its interest is paid back once the home is sold
  • Usually, clients can release between 5 and 55.5% of the value of their property, depending on their age, health and lifestyle

Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage

  • After an initial lump sum payment, your client can choose to ‘drawdown’ money in stages to suit their needs
  • The interest is only added on the amount released, so can add up more slowly than on a lump sum lifetime mortgage
  • The loan plus its interest is paid back once the home is sold
  • Usually, clients can release between 5 and 55.5% of the value of their property, depending on their age, health and lifestyle

Within these two types, we offer a range of plans to give peace of mind to your clients who may have specific needs:

inter star

Enhanced plans
For those who need to access a higher Loan-to-Value if they have certain health conditions or are smokers

inter star

Capital repayment plans
For those who want to repay a percentage of the lifetime mortgage each year without triggering Early Repayment Charges (ERCs)

inter star

Percentage interest payment plans
For those who might want to pay some or all of the interest accrued each month

inter star

Downsizing protection plans
For those who may want to move home later on, if needed. Here, the loan can either be paid back early or, if applicable, the loan can be ported to the new property

inter star

Inheritance protection plans
For those who want to guarantee an inheritance for their loved ones by safeguarding a percentage of their home’s value

Case Study – Equity Release

We want to find the right solution for all of our customers. Hear from Mr Phillips, from Cumbria, who looked into a lifetime mortgage to help his daughter and to pay off his own existing mortgage:

“It’s made life so much easier for me. I no longer have monthly payments to make, leaving me with more money each month. I did my research online and spoke to another company first but they were unable to help me due to a restriction on my property. I thought it was worth getting a second opinion and contacted Fluent Money. My adviser, Geoff, was amazing. He knew about the restriction and went the extra mile to find a lender who would accept my property.

I released £25,000 which paid off the mortgage and a secured loan I had.
Not only were Fluent able to find me a solution but their fees were also much less than the other companies I contacted. I have 4 granddaughters and it’s nice to be able to given them a gift now rather than them wait for their inheritance.

I used to be a member of a band but now I sing in the local pub for fun, it’s a big part of my social life. I’ve been able to buy myself some new equipment.

My father was from Poland and so I’m planning a trip over there to see where he grew up and maybe arrange to meet some long-lost relatives.

Taking out a lifetime mortgage has just given me and my family peace of mind and I can really enjoy my retirement now, worry free. I’d definitely recommend Fluent Lifetime to anyone considering releasing money from their home, 5* service guaranteed!”


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