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Here’s how to save money on your biggest spend: Your mortgage

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Already have a mortgage? Still looking? We have some exciting news for you.

We’ve partnered with Dashly, whose 24/7 Monthly Mortgage Monitor ensures that you never spend more on your mortgage than you need to.

How? Its always-on algorithms compare your circumstances with 1,000s of deals day and night to find the mortgage that’s right for you. And once it does, a mortgage adviser will be in contact with you.

You’ll get:

  • Monthly Reports with personalised information specific to your mortgage. If you’re already on the right deal, you’ll be reassured. Plus, you’ll see your latest property valuation(s), product expiry dates, rate changes and more.
  • Valuable mortgage information and tips to help you reach your financial goals.
  • Easy access to a mortgage adviser when you need them – in your inbox, just a click of a button away.
  • Better Deal Alerts if they can switch you to a deal that saves you money.

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Never overspend on your mortgage

Our 24/7 Mortgage Monitor tracks your mortgage daily to make sure you’re always on the deal that’s right for you. Combine this with personalised advice from your mortgage adviser, and you’ll stay on track.

24/7 reassurance that you’re on the right rate

It compares your circumstances with 1,000s of deals. If you’re on the best deal you can get, it’ll reassure you. If you’re not, it’ll find you a better one and your mortgage adviser will contact you.

Always-on algorithms track every change

Every change in your life affects the amount you should pay for your mortgage. Even the products in the market change daily. No human could keep track of all of this. Our 24/7 Mortgage Monitor can.

Unparalleled advice personalised to you

Your mortgage adviser knows you, your needs, your plans. Now they also know every change in the market as it happens, so they can offer you the right advice that’s relevant to your circumstances.

Emails you’ll want with info you need

You’ll receive monthly information about your mortgage. On the right rate? You’ll know it. Opportunity to save? We’ll alert you. Updated property valuations, expiry dates, rate changes?


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