Fluent Money aims to assist KidsOut with its fundraising and its focus on providing fun and happiness to children

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KidsOut is a unique charity which aims to positively impact disadvantaged children’s in the U.K. Its a small charity with a wide reach focussing on the charities actions and not on the children circumstances, focussing on giving the children the fun and happiness they deserve. One of the activities which KidsOut regularly runs is Fun Days, where they take disadvantaged children for a fun day out. Since the inception of Fun Days, KidsOut has provided children across the country with over  27,473 Fun Days.

Fluent Money is proud to support KidsOut as a way to give back to children who are less fortunate and provide them with something that every child needs, FUN!

Fluent Money takes pride in supporting the mission of KidsOut, If you would like more information about the charity or give your support please click the link below.